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When you purchase and use a consumer product, you trust that it is safe enough for you and your family. You trust that the product designer and manufacturer produced a product that will not injure someone. Sometimes that trust is not warranted. Seemingly safe products may be extremely dangerous causing injury or death. We offer experienced and aggressive legal advocacy to protect the rights of clients who have suffered as a result of dangerous or defective products.

Dangerous or defective products can cause serious injury or wrongful death. When you or someone you love has been hurt, please contact us as soon as possible for an initial consultation and case evaluation. Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for consumer use. Defective products can be dangerous, and if a person is injured while using a product, the manufacturer can be held legally liable. In some cases, sellers, wholesalers, designers and parts manufacturers may also bear responsibility.

  • Manufacturers must inform consumers of any dangers inherent in the use of their products
  • They must be certain not to include substandard or malfunctioning parts in the products they make
  • If a product is known to be dangerous or cause injury, a recall must be made to protect consumers

We have experience in cases involving design defects, manufacturing defects and failure to warn of dangerous products. Our products liability attorneys will begin an immediate investigation to preserve all necessary evidence for your case