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Drivers have a responsibility to drive with care for the safety of other drivers and passengers. Reckless or negligent behavior may have serious physical and emotional consequences for innocent victims. Like driving itself, automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence in our society. Still, when an auto accident results in personal injury or wrongful death, the victims often face tremendous challenges in terms of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and in the worst cases, the loss of a loved one. We offer strategic advocacy to protect the rights of clients who have suffered in auto accidents,truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Our firm works with expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and other investigators to assess all aspects of your case from the very beginning through trial. Contact us for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

Addressing your immediate and future needs after an accident

Whether you need compensation to replace a damaged car, deal with mounting medical expenses, or cover future care needs, our firm has experience assessing the amount of financial compensation you will need after a car accident. We will work directly with you to understand your individual needs, while remaining mindful of your time, resources, and immediate objectives.

Please contact us for an immediate consultation related to any of the following:

  • Car accidents: truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, car wrecks, fender benders, rear-end collisions, highway accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries: head injuries, neck injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, amputation, loss of limb, spinal injuries
  • Uninsured / underinsured motorist claims
  • Wrongful death

We will help you assert your rights against insurance carriers

It is important to address your claims at your earliest convenience to ensure that your rights are protected and that you ultimately recover the full compensation you deserve. Insurance companies may seek to limit their liability by offering a quick settlement that is much smaller than your claim is worth. Our attorneys will provide you with an accurate assessment of your damages to ensure that you recover all of your losses, including medical costs, lost wages, car repairs, long-term care needs and wrongful death coverage.